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Matsusaka leather

About Matsusaka Leather

Matsusaka cattle raised carefully by producers, their skin is also good quality and special materials. Matsusaka Beef meat contains a lot of oil "Unsaturated Fatty Acid" which melts at low temperature, which is a source of flavor that melts in your mouth, but this oil is also included in the skin.
As Matsusaka leather products are used, oil is raised on the surface, which creates gloss like enamel.

Matsusaka leather brand that made
the most of the goodness of the material

BAMBI, which is the only producer of Matsusaka leather leather goods, has two brands, "Satori" which is all finished with Matsusaka leather and "Satori Natural" which can be enjoyed more easily.
In these two brands, Matsusaka beef's individual number is stamped on the product, and from this number you can check the individual information of the cow at the meat public corporation site.
As another brand, there is "GREDEER" which imaged the scene brought close to life. Matsusaka leather is also used for products such as key holders on sale at various souvenir corners in Mie Prefecture.

GREDEER key holders

All processes are carried out in Japan.
Sophisticated technique

Because Matsusaka leather is a more delicate material than conventional cowhide, it is said that the task of tanning the raw skin is very difficult.
Therefore, it can only be made in domestic limited leather shops.
Even small items are required for advanced technology dealing with delicate materials, skilled craftsmen will finish with manual work.
Please check out special Matsusaka leather leather goods produced by skill and uncompromising manufacturing.

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