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Safety and security

Individual identification management system

This system is Matsusaka beef's own traceability system that manages data from introduction to shipment such as individual information of one Matsusaka beef raised by producers and fattening farmer information, Mie Prefecture Matsusaka meat corporation administrated and managed.
Matsusaka beef is all registered in this system after introducing calves into Matsusaka beef production area.
Various data including cattle sex, date of birth, birth place, bloodline, feeding diet, fattening days, farmer's information, shipping information etc. are collected.
For data collection, the meat corporation official goes directly to the barn and confirmed the whole Matsusaka cow to register.

1.The purpose of the system

Since BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) has been confirmed for the first time in Japan in September 2001, consumer concern about the safety against beef is rising.
Furthermore, a beef spoofing incident by major meat business operators has occurred, and consumers are also distrusting beef circulation.
As a producer of the world brands Matsusaka beef, Matsusaka beef that raised with confidence and affection is aimed at integrally controlling so that it can be surely delivered to the consumer.
In addition, consumers themselves can confirm individuals of Matsusaka cattle and fattening farmers, and we aim to have you eat Matsusaka meat with peace of mind.

2. Target area for fattening

Include 22 municipalities mainly in Matsusaka city as of 2004 and Members of the Matsusaka beef cattle producer association.

Target area for fattening

3.Target cattle for fattening

Cattle that are fattened in the target area, are heifers of Japanese black cattle, have cattle certificates, and can be verified.

4. Flow chart of system

Flow chart of system


Introduction report and shipment report

Matsusaka cattle fattening farmer (registration system) will report to Matsusaka meat corporation when introducing cattle and shipping.

Matsusaka meat corporation

Confirmation of fattening

We confirm the fattening condition of cattle several times a year.

Introduction confirmation

When there are reports of introduction from fattening farmers, confirmation of introduced individuals is carried out with the following items.
・Individual identification ear number・Shooting individual certificate
・Shooting the face
・Collecting nose pattern
・Shooting Matsusaka cattle fattening farmer
・Contents of feed

Shipment Individual Identification

If there is a shipment report from a fattening farmer, it will be shipped after confirmation is done by individual identification ear index number, face cosmetics, individual certificate etc.

Matsusaka meat corporation · Tokyo meat market

Meat inspection and carcass rating

Matsusaka beef shipped is strictly checked by each inspector (veterinarian) at meat sanitation inspection station, including BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) examination.
The carcass which passed the examination is pushed for the inspection mark, the carcass rating (carcass rating criteria) is done, it is shipped to the meat business operator.
However, target cattle produced from Hyogo prefecture that have been fattened over 900 days in the target area will be "special products" regardless of the carcass rating.

Meat business operator

The meat business operator asks Matsusaka meat corporation certification of the carcass purchased by Matsusaka meat corporation, and it will ship to the general market in response to the issuance of Matsusaka beef seal and Matsusaka cattle certificate.


By entering the individual identification ear index number described in the Matsusaka beef seal on the homepage, you can check the Matsusaka beef's individual information, farmer information, and slaughter and shipping information.

Efforts to introduce HACCP

HACCP is taken from the initials of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and is a food hygiene management method translated as "hazard analysis important management point".
In the hygiene control by HACCP method, control points are set for particularly important processes leading to hazard prevention by predicting harms beforehand in each process of food production, and constantly monitoring and recording continuously.
By doing this, we will be able to respond promptly when we detect numbers exceeding the standard.
And unlike traditional end-product sampling inspections, shipping of problematic products can be prevented more effectively.

old flow HACCP flow

The HACCP method of hygiene management has been widely adopted internationally. With HACCP certification in March 2020, we will continue to provide safe and reliable meat and promote the international recognition of Matsusaka beef.