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About quality standard of beef

There are two types of quality standards for Matsusaka beef:
"special product(特産)"
and "A to C - 1 to 5" (rating).

"Special product(特産)"

Tajima, Hyogo prefecture cows produced mainly from Awaji, are listed as "Specialties" only when the Matsusaka cattle fattening farmer puts it on top of it and fattened over 900 days in the area.
Matsusaka beef, which has grown backwork originating from Hyogo prefecture, received high evaluation that the overall taste of the appearance, texture, and fragrance is particularly delicious for the following reasons, and as a representative Matsusaka cow "special product"Is displayed.

"A to C - 1 to 5" (rating)

Beef rating is determined by yield grade and meat quality grade

Yield grade

Calculate and determine the values of the four items of short sirloin core area, rose thickness, subcutaneous fat thickness and semicircular carcass weight
Distinction of yield grade is determined to 3 grade of "A", "B", "C" in the following table.

yield grade

Meat quality grade

Meat quality grades are determined by four items: marbling, meat coloration, meat tightness, texture, and fat color and quality.

  • 1. Marbling

    It is represented by the degree of marbling. It is determined by the criteria of B.M.S.

  • 2. Meat color

    The meat color is judged on the basis of beef color standards, and the gloss is determined with the naked eye, then the grade is determined.

    meat color
  • 3. Meat tightness and texture

    Tightness and texture are judged with the naked eye, and the grade is determined.

    meat tightness and texture
  • 4. Fat color and quality

    Fat color is judged by cattle fat color standards, gloss and quality are judged with the naked eye. Then the grade is determined.

    fat color and quality

The meat quality grade is rated as the lowest grade among the four items of marbling, meat coloration, meat tightness and texture, and fat color and quality.


Display of grade

Grade displays yield classification and meat quality grade in a continuous manner according to the following display classification.
The grade to the production area certification sticker is displayed as "quality standard".

display of grade